Rural Estate

Recreational & irrigation pond with sandy beach.

Perched on a hillside, this home has amazing views of the snow-capped Central Oregon Cascades Mountains. The house sits on top of a rock outcropping that sets the stage for dramatic landscape features.

Response To Nature was initially brought on board to integrate the hot tub with the native stone outcropping it was nestled into. Our working relationship broadened to restoring other terrain that was disturbed during home construction. As part of the restoration process, we installed an alpine rock garden that now provides a kaleidoscope of color spilling from the foundation of the house.

We took the alpine garden to another level by constructing a water feature. The house appears to have been built around this feature, which cascades down through the alpine garden, meanders across a grassy meadow, and splashes into a large, blue pond. The pond features a signature Response To Nature beach that is reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Secluded by large boulder walls, the beach is easily accessible by stone slab steps that we integrated into the hillside.

As this landscape matures, the client’s garden sculptures provide added interest and personal character.