Lighting Solutions

Lighting extends the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces to all seasons and all times of day. Lighting improves safety by making it easier to see stairs, paths and patios. Effectively-placed lights can enhance the night-time beauty and brilliance of particular landscaping features. Silhouetting a special detail can add a nice highlight to your landscape.

We install low-voltage light fixtures that are dimmer and use less energy than light fixtures in your home. Our designers incorporate the following landscape lighting techniques:

  • Ambient lighting – soft light to create an inviting atmosphere for evening outdoor living
  • Down lights – functional task lighting
  • Up lights – create a variety of outdoor lighting effects; used to illuminate architectural features of your house and landscape
  • Spot lights – draw attention to a sculpture, fountain or other interesting feature, such as a tree with beautiful branch structure
  • Wash lights – create a low, even spread of light that illuminates shrubs, plants or textured wall surfaces

NOTE: While landscape contractors are qualified to install low-voltage lighting, electricians usually provide an outdoor GFI power source to all transformers, irrigation controllers, and water features.

“The landscape tells a different story at night than it does during the day.”

Sean O’Connor