Wizard Falls

Or here? Wizard Falls designed fish pond.

Wizard Falls is a fish hatchery located along the Metolius River near Camp Sherman, Oregon. The facility contributes toward the sustainability of naturally-produced native fish populations through the responsible use hatchery-produced fish.

Property Description and Setting

Wizard Falls Hatchery offers a park-like setting, display ponds and interpretive signage, and a platform for viewing fish in the settling pond.

The hatchery is surrounded by the Deschutes National Forest. There are abundant camping, hiking and fishing opportunities in the vicinity.

Project Description

Response To Nature provided an appropriate bio-region riparian habitat to support naturally-produced native fish. It also enhanced the aesthetic surroundings for visitors.

Project Goals

Our job was to provide an educational opportunity by demonstrating the natural habitat for brook and rainbow trout, Kokanee and Atlantic salmon. 


Large falls over native boulders.

Eagle Crest® is a full-service destination resort located just outside the city of Redmond, Oregon.

Property Description and Setting

1700 acres in the high desert of Central Oregon near the majestic Cascade Mountains close to Bend and between Sisters and Redmond

Project Description

We have an ongoing relationship with Eagle Crest, and we have completed a variety of projects for the resort over the past few years.

When Eagle Crest acquired the Vista Rim property, they needed a landscape company that could do it all, We quickly designed and installed ponds connected by recirculating streams courses that meandered through the backyards of nearby residential lots. We installed irrigation and lush riparian plantings along the banks to create a natural look and feel.

Response To Nature did the planting at the Sports Center in Vista Rim, in addition to refurbishing the community entrances along the highway.

Project Goals

Our intent for Vista Rim was to enhance the existing community amenities and provide new amenities to assist in the quick sale of the newly acquired properties.