Central Oregon residence.

This couple had been part-time residents of Central Oregon for many years and have now retired here. Their lovely home was intended to look like it was set down in the undisturbed native landscape. We had fun creating the cascading water feature down to the reflecting pool, several stone slab steps to ease the transition to the various outdoor living spaces, and flagstone and crushed gravel circulation routes.

The clients enjoy great views but also spending time in their high desert landscape. We constructed a wood chip path that winds throughout their property, raised beds for select vegetable and perennials gardening, and an official horseshoe pit.

Rural Estate

Recreational & irrigation pond with sandy beach.

Perched on a hillside, this home has amazing views of the snow-capped Central Oregon Cascades Mountains. The house sits on top of a rock outcropping that sets the stage for dramatic landscape features.

Response To Nature was initially brought on board to integrate the hot tub with the native stone outcropping it was nestled into. Our working relationship broadened to restoring other terrain that was disturbed during home construction. As part of the restoration process, we installed an alpine rock garden that now provides a kaleidoscope of color spilling from the foundation of the house.

We took the alpine garden to another level by constructing a water feature. The house appears to have been built around this feature, which cascades down through the alpine garden, meanders across a grassy meadow, and splashes into a large, blue pond. The pond features a signature Response To Nature beach that is reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Secluded by large boulder walls, the beach is easily accessible by stone slab steps that we integrated into the hillside.

As this landscape matures, the client’s garden sculptures provide added interest and personal character.

Cabin in the Woods

Rustic cabin in the woods.

Located near Sisters, this long-time family vacation get-a-way needed updates before hosting a wedding in July of 2009. Improvements included renovating the outdoor living spaces to include the buffet counter adjacent to the grill, a pool with water feature near the deck, adding some lawn for the kids to play in, and native woodland plantings through out.

The cabin provides an opportunity to commune with nature and family, as well as an excellent escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city.


Progress of grading of natural landscape.

Response to Nature, Inc. enhanced this already exceptionally composed native landscape that surrounds the charming treehouse perched in the big Ponderosa Pines. Starting with the natural bluestone slab steps with places to pause and listen to the sound of water on this natural stone trail. Then upon entering the treehouse you will hear the dramatic sounds of water emerging and crashing onto the volcanic rock and splashing into the natural curving stream. The stream with its so subtle curves cascades over native rock falls and into a punctuated riparian pond.

Interpreting nature, our team installed mossy, native boulder outcroppings and retaining walls that seamlessly connect with the existing boulderscape.

Sisters Residence

Sisters Small Space-paver driveway border to widen radius, pergola to give shade to outdoor living area, curb appeal planting with Mugho Pine, Bristlecone Pine.

Moving from a neighborhood with substantially sized lots and lots of maintenance, this client wanted functional outdoor rooms with easy maintenance. Our lead designer created an outdoor living room with an arbor that integrates with the architectural aesthetics, privacy, and dog fencing to keep their dog, in, a circulating basalt column water feature that is a focus for the outdoor living room and creates beautiful sound, contemporary big square pavers for dining, and a firepit. Despite its smallness, every bit of the property is designed with detail and functionality in mind. Our team also enlarged the width of the driveway to allow for a wider turning radius and incorporated gray basalt boulders to retain a planting area that would otherwise remain a nondescript area.