1. One of our team has a conversation with the potential client over the phone, at a face-to-face meeting, or via email in response to an email inquiry about initial needs and ideas.
  2. We meet with our potential client at the job site to discuss ideas and needs in more detail. It’s important for us to get a feel for the client and their personal style.
          We usually complete a site analysis at this meeting too. The site analysis includes documenting the layout of existing structures, circulation routes, topography, sun and wind exposure, existing plant material, etc. It helps if the client has an existing site plan. Depending on the scale of project, we may recommend a survey.
  3. Response To Nature (RTN) develops a proposal for design services.
  4. Upon approval of the design service agreement, we develop a conceptual landscape plan that focuses on the major built components and their integration into the site. We carefully analyze each space to ensure that the design meets all needs.
  5. We present our concept to the client and then openly discuss how and why the major components were located and shaped. This is often an educational meeting for the client as they discover the intricacies of their site.
  6. Crucial client feedback helps to guide the design development. We detail the specifics of all construction materials and plants.
  7. Our designers present the master landscape plan for final approval.
  8. Our team develops a landscape construction installation bid from the master plan.
  9. Upon acceptance of construction installation contract, we schedule and coordinate our crew and other necessary contractors to begin construction.
  10. We complete utility ‘locates’ first. If necessary, we conduct grading. Then we put in the infrastructure, such as electrical, irrigation, and water features. Next, we install the hardscape. The project is almost done when plants go in the ground. Our crew applies a nice top-dressing of mulch in the planting areas. Finally, we perform a thorough clean-up.
  11. We check with the client frequently – often many times per day, depending on their availability – to keep them informed of the installation progress.
  12. Upon completion of the installation, we create a ‘punch list’ to verify that we have achieved every detail on the plan and that the client is enthusiastically satisfied.

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